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Information on Round 3

It's a little early, since the next round won't happen until September, when I've moved and everything is settled. But while I'm thinking about it, here are some announcements concerning round 3.

With LiveJournal becoming nigh unusable in many ways, the next round will be on Dreamwidth. I've not done any housekeeping over there yet, but that will be the community to watch.

Also, with the popularity of the last round, it became incredibly difficult to hand-match everyone. Round 3 will be handled by AO3. There will be a two-week nomination period in September, which will work a bit differently than with some exchanges. Most importantly, you will be able to nominate your DNWs, to be included on your sign-ups. You will be able to list as many of them as you want in your sign-up, and will have to match on at least three of them.

Watch this community and the DW mirror as we get closer to September for more information.
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(no subject)

It's still a few months off, but I've been looking into a better way to run Avengers Remix next round. Between personal drama that affected me during the last round, and the remix getting more popular, I've realised that some changes will have to be made for the next round.

I would like to continue to run this exchange for as long as people are willing to participate. I personally have a lot of fun with it, both in writing and reading what other people come up with. But starting next round (which will begin in September, just as Norse Big Bang winds to a close), Avengers Remix will be hosted exclusively on AO3. There will be a nomination round, and sign-ups will be done on the archive. It may be a little more complicated if you're unfamiliar with how sign-ups work on AO3, but it will take some of the drama out of matching (which did have a few problems in the most recent round), and will make assigning and filling pinch hits a little easier. It also means I won't be able to lose all of the matching and pinch hit information should I suddenly lose access to my computer again. Which was 100% idiocy on my part.

Start keeping an eye out toward the end of August, when I'll start putting out more information on how the sign-up process will work in the future. I hope to see everyone back again later this year!
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Creator Reveals!

They have not happened yet, but they will very soon. Thank you all for participating, and I hope you all had as much fun working on your gifts as I've had looking at them. So much good stuff this round. You are all amazing!

Round three will start some time in late-summer, when Norse Big Bang finishes. I hope to see you all back again next time. :D
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Story/Art Reveals!

The collection is about to be revealed, so most of you should be getting emails letting you know that you have a gift waiting for you! If you don't get an email, see below for the list of gifts and their recipients (some people didn't include their recipient in the post form. Oh well).

Be sure to thank your creator, and check out everything else. There's lots of good stuff this round!

Also, thank you to all of our pinch hitters! I would have gone out of my mind without you guys. ♥

[Gift List]

broken pieces for zarabithia
What Could Be for what_alchemy
Signs and Tokens for a_q
and what was found there for ifitwasribald
the mirror holds two faces and none of them are mine for Odsbodkins
The Cycle Turns Sour for ZetaTauri
Definitely Not Human (the Awkward Sex Remix) for ZetaTauri
A Greater Compliment for samalander
each pond with its blazing lillies for PhoenixFalls
Headshots for punahukka
stopmotion for Zekkass
In the web that is my own I begin again for mumblemutter
We Are Made One With What We Touch for Jaune_Chat
Small Town for LadyMerlin
Combating Boredom for heeroluva
So Familiar a Gleam for kimmu
It's No Magic Cure for AngeNoir
Courage Under Cover for Captain Schmoop
The Doubts that Creep In for Neverever
Hope (it's what we work with) for antibeth82
The Haunting of Captain America for Zekkass
Start with a Larger Pot for Tieleen
The Necessity of Lion Taming for legete
Songs of Blood, Songs of Betrayal for Schaudwen
Dazzling Blue Someday for storiesfortravellers
Impulse Control for cassandraoftroy
Summer Skeletons for shinkonokokoro
Do As the Good Day Demands for LePeru
The Sky and I for IamShadow21
To Put Away Childish Things for megyal
Elderlyvengers for claudiapriscus
All Fun and Games until Someone Gets Hurt for CloudAtlas
This Might Just Work for Odsbodkins
Hot Ink for tielan
Party of Six for Enk
The Land of the Living and the Land of the Dead for theladyscribe
Queen of the Mountain for enigma731
What You Really, Really Want for Penknife
you're just the fireworks flyin' on the fourth of july for girl0nfire
Road Trip for igrockspock

[Why this list looks like it does]Some people did get more than one gift in the end. This happened not through error, but as a way of dealing with drop-outs and re-assignments early on during the challenge.

Some people who signed up to the main list did not receive a gift. If this happened, it's because both you and the person originally singed up to remix for you dropped out. With the amount of reshuffling that had to be done, my main concern was making sure everyone who signed up to the main list and turned something something received a gift.

And if anyone would like to show their appreciation to our many pinch hitters, these are they:

989700 (ghostwriter)

Thank you again to everybody!
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Final Checks, and reveals upcoming!

At first glance, it looks as if everyone who has turned in an assignment will get one in return, but I will do some final hand-checking to be sure that no-one has been overlooked. At some point tomorrow, depending on if there are any last-minute pinch hits that need to be done, assignments will be revealed.

For reasons of real life getting in my way all of a sudden today, author/artist reveals may happen a day or two late. I will try not to let that happen, but please forgive me if it does.

ETA: There is one pinch hit that needs to be done. I'm going to do that today (I'm about halfway done with it as of posting this), and then reveal the assignments once I've got it finished and uploaded.
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Deadline Extension

In the interest of giving our pinch hitters enough time, the deadline to turn in your assignments has been pushed back to Monday (3 March). As soon as I see everyone has turned in their assignments, they will be revealed, with creator reveals happening a few days after that.
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Final wind-down

Coming up to the end of everything now. What is hopefully the last batch of pinch hits has gone out, and now we've reached that final dash to the end.

If your assignment did go out for a pinch hit today, you can still submit your assignment to the collection and give your recipient two gifts. Anyone who failed to respond to the check-in will be marked as unable to participate in future rounds, unless you submit your assignment to the collection.

Any questions? Squee? Bears? Put them in the comments.
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Check-in #2

It's still the 15th, in like, Hawaii. (sorry!)

Tell me how you're doing. Think you might need more time? Just waiting on your beta? Frolicking in a meadow because you're already done?

This post is mandatory, unless you've already uploaded to AO3, or if you responded to the email I sent out a few days ago. Comments are screened, so if you need to ask any terribly specific questions, no-one but the two of us will see them. You can always email me as well.

If you do not respond to this post by the 20th, I will make one attempt to contact you via email. If you do not respond within 24 hours, I will send your assignment to the pinch hitters. If you know you can't finish on time, and need to drop out, please tell me know so the pinch hitter has more time to work.
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Find-a-Beta post

For those who don't have regular beta-readers, and would like one.

Anonymous commenting is enabled, for those who don't want to risk being found out by your recipient.

Got other questions? Ask them! I'm snowed in today, and barring fallen power lines, will be around to answer immediately.
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Check-in #1

This was meant to go up yesterday. Sorry about that.

This check-in is optional, and only meant as a way to make sure everyone's on track and where they should be. You can check-in by commenting here or emailing me. If you've any questions or concerns, this would also be a great time to address them. Same with dropping out. If you need to do that, please let me know so I can pass your assignment onto the pinch hitters.